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36x17.50x3m Jack-up Barge (LA KALEEIS) with RINA Class

LOA:                                    36.00m

Beam:                                 17.50m

Depth:                                3.00m

Spud Length:                     36.00m

DWT:                                  450t

Water Depth:                    26.00m

Crawler Crane:                  250t

DESIGNED By:                   POSEIDON Marine Eng.

BUILDER:                           OTTOMAR Co.

JACKING System:              GÜRDESAN Co.

CLASSED By:                     RINA

OWNER:                            BOUYGUES TRAVAUX PUBLICS


Until now, this Jack-up Platform is the largest lifting capacity jack-up platform ever built in Turkey and with 100% domestic design and manufacture. We believe that this project will open new horizons in Turkish shipbuilding industry and we are pleased to share this important project with sector representatives.


The Basic Characteristics of the barge will be as follows:


Length over all:                      36.00 m including 2 swim ends.

Breadth molded:                    17.50 m

Hull height – Depth:             3.00 m

Draught:                                 2.10 m

Spud Length:                         36.00 m (circular type)

Working area:                         300 m2

Loading cases:

- Maximum load on deck:      450 t (1x Crane 250t, 2 x Vibro Hammers, 1x Hammer, HPUs)

- Deck load capacity:                         8t/m2, Working area: 60t/m2


The wind data used for the JUP design are listed here below:

Towing, with legs pulled up:                                   Swell H (Hs) = 1,4m,

T = 7s + wind 20 m/s


Working, on legs:                                                      Swell H (Hs) = 2,00 m,

T = 7s + wind 20 m/s + current 2m/s


Survival, on legs:                                                       Swell H (Hs) = 5,00m,

T = 9s + wind 30 m/s + current 2m/s


Jacking (first contact with ground) (sandy ground):            Swell H (Hs)  = 1,30 m,

T = 7s + wind 15 m/s + current 1 m/s



30x18x3m Jack-up Barge (JOSEFINA) with RINA Class


POSEIDON is honored to present its latest jack-up barge to its clients.

We have designed this barge for our client in France (Entreprise Jean Negri Company) and the launching will be in         March– 2015. The Jack-up barge is being classed by RINA. The barge will be built by Ottomar Co. and the Hydraulic Jacking System will be manufactured by Gurdesan Co.

General dimensions and specifications:

Length overall: 30 meters, including 1 swim end

Beam: 18 meters

Depth: 3 meters

Circulars legs length: 36 meters.

Distance between bottom of legs and bottom of pontoon: 30 meters

Distance between axis of legs (minimum, approximate): Longitudinal: 22,8 meters, transversal: 14 meters

4 Guiding devices for each legs

Material for plating AH36 Grade

Material for stiffeners: Grade A



Total load on platform: 400 tons (in service), with a 200 tons crawler crane evolution area of about 18 x 12 m

Deck load: 8 T/m2

Minimum torque on legs and guidance device : 10.000 kNxm, 355 Mpa

Minimum resistance capacity of each leg: 380 tons

Navigation, with legs pulled up: Swell H = 1,4m, T = 7s + wind 20 m/s

Working, on legs: Swell H = 2,00 m, T = 7s + wind 20 m/s + current 2m/s

Survival, on legs: Swell H = 5,00m, T = 9s + wind 30 m/s + current 2m/s

Jacking (first contact with ground) (sandy ground): Swell H = 1,30 m, T = 7s + wind 15 m/s +

current 1 m/s

Operational temperature: -10°C to 40°C

Operational humidity: 100%


Jacking system:

Hydraulic, nominal working pressure: 220 bars

Jacking speed: 16 m/hr

Electrically drives power pack inside the hull, with connection for an emergency power pack.

The generator (power and number to be define) will be install on the deck

About 10.000 liters minimum fuel tank in the hull with filling connection

Cooling of engine and oil for use in tropical area

Remote radio command, with emergency wired radio command - no automation system

Visual state of rotating looking system

All components are for marine use and from western Europe origin

Piping inside the pontoon, minimum flexible piping

Slag (stroke) of jacking cylinder: 1600 mm, allowing a pitch of 1500 mm

Ceramics anticorrosion protection on rod of cylinder

Safety valve on each jacking cylinder

Manometer on each jacking cylinder

Central greasing for each jackhouse



Circular legs

Possibility of extension of legs up to 42 meters by welding

Cathodic protection anodes on the bottom of the legs

Lashing devices for transportation of the legs on the deck


Inside and outside the hull

Sand blasting SA 2,5

50 micron anticorrosion

450 micron Coating

(International, Jotun,…. agreed system)

Outside, antifouling



4 mooring bollards, 15 tons

Foundation for 4 units of 12 tons winches, to be precise, piping (3 pipes) between the winches

and the position of the power units

2 towing bollards, 20 tons

2 hatch for access to accommodation and to engine room.

Security handrail.

Ventilation for the engine room and accommodation room.

Fender (half pipe) all around the hull if necessary

Inscription on the hull of free board mark, depth ladder, name of the ship.

Manhole for each capacity flush on deck with ladder for access. The manhole will be closed

with one central fastening bolt

16 lashing eyes, 20 tons capacity on the deck

Navigation mast and light



30x15x2.2m Jack-up Barge with Turkish Lloyd


We have designed this barge for our client in Azerbaijan (ADO-G Company) and the constructed is finalized in         August – 2013. The system tests have been finalized and now the system started working.


The structural modeling and tests and stability booklet are approved by Turkish Lloyd.


Technical Details:

LOA: 30.00 m

Beam: 15.60 m

Depth: 2.20 m

Draught: 1.35 m (@ full displacement)

Spud Length: 36.00 m

Water Depth: 25.00 m

Air Gap: 5.00 m

Pay Load: 300 ton (max.)

Deck Pressure: 10 ton/m2



180 pax Accommodation Jack-up Barge


LOA: 52.0 m

Beam: 25.0 m

Depth: 4.0 m

Draught: 2.5 m

Spud Length: 65.0 m

Water Depth: 30.0 m

Air Gap: 10.0 m

Penetration: 10.0 m



90 x 2 men cabins, Totally 180 MEN

16 x 20 m2 Offices and 8 x 16 m2 Offices

Dining Room for 66 men


Dry & Cold Provision Room

Recreation and Mess Rooms







55x20x4.5 m Excavator Jack-up Barge

Type of Vessel:

Self Elevating Unit to carry a crawler crane & backhoe excavator for dredging purpose.





Length: 55.20 meters

Breadth: 20.00 meters

Depth: 4.50 meters

Spud Length: 52.0 meters

Draught, max.: 2.90 meters

Maximum Displacement: 2650 tons abt.


Deck Pressure:

15 t/m2


Mooring/Towing Fittings:

Equipped with necessary bollards bits, fairleads and main tow bridle .


Bow and Stern Thrusters:

2 x Azimuth Thruster


Deck Area:

600 m2



24 Persons as per GA Plan (2x4 + 7x2 + 2x1 men cabins).



Fully revolving, pedestal mounted service crane; 50 t @ 10 m

Pedastal crane; 9 t @ 15 m

Crawler Crane; Boom type & Length : N/A owner supply


Spud Legs

4 No Legs. Each 2400 mm OD x 52 meter long; cylindirical

Jacking System

Hydraulic Clinders&Pins


2 Nos. at BOW (each at PORT & STBD side)

2 Nos. at STERN (each at PORT & STBD side)


14 x 11 m Modular Jack-up Dredger Barge






Based on its international experience on Jack-up Barge design and construction, POSEIDON brings a new concept for Marine Restaurants.

With its jacking system, POSEIDON Jack-up Restaurant provides a modern, confartable  and panaromic ambiance to the guests. This concept easily can rise up on its legs and this helps the concept to eleminate the negative impact of sea conditions and to have a panaromic view approximetaly 10 m above sea surface.

There is totally 1050 m2 closed area and the concept consists of 3 decks (each 350 m2 closed area). The net open area is 500 m2.

The 2nd deck is designed as a disco&music hall.

Guests may arrive at the barge either by hellicopter, or by boats.

The below deck will consist of a big galley, crew cabins, stores and tanks.

The total capacity of this concept is max 1000 guests.




Type of Barge: A5 Pontoon Self-Elevating Offshore Drilling and Maintenance Unit

Length:                                  50.0 m

Beam:                                   25.0 m

Depth:                                   4.5 m

Spud Leg Length:                   90.0 m

Water Depth:                         55.0 m

Free Deck Area:                    600 m2

Max. Disp.:                           3000 t

Gen Set:                               2 x 300 kW

Emergency Gen.:                   1 x 84 kW

Max. Allow. Deck Cargo:        1500 t

Air Gap:                                15 m

Pedastal Crane Cap.:             70 mt

Jacking System:

Speed: 0.4 metre/min

Stroke: 1.2 metre



Type of Barge: Self-elevating Offshore Accommodation and Maintenance Unit

Length:                                   40.0 m

Beam:                                    25.0 m

Depth:                                    4.0 m

Spud Leg Length:                   75.0 m

Water Depth:                          50.0 m

Free Deck Area:                    600 m2

Total Accom. Cap.:                55 persons

Max. Disp.:                           2500 t

Gen Set:                               2 x 300 kW

Emergency Gen.:                   1 x 84 kW

Max. Allow. Deck Cargo:        250 t

Jacking system:

Speed: 0.4 metre/min

Stroke: 1.2 metre



30 X 15 X 2.2 m SECTIONAL Jack-up Barge